China Travel News

  • Chinese officials in charge of Thee-Gorges Dam tours recently announced that the entry fee to visit world's largest dam has been lifted. This policy, however, only applies to Chinese citizens. Foreign tourists still have to pay Y105.00 to enter the sight-seeing zone.

  • For many people in China's major cities, subway remains the most dependable way to get around.

  • September 28th this year is the 2,565th anniversary of Confucius' birth.

  • On October 1, when China will celebrate the National Day, over 370 parks in Beijing will open their doors for free entry. This is a one-day deal and among the free-entry parks are the Beijing Botanic Garden, Xiangshan Park, Ditan Park, Yuanming Park, and Xishan National Forest Park.

  • If you plan to take a train ride in China during the upcoming National-Day holiday, you should purchase, or try to purchase, your ticket now.

  • The Palace Museum in Beijing, commonly known as the Forbidden City, experimented with a discounted entry fee for visitors who choose to tour the former imperial palace after 2:00 in the afternoon. The lower entry fee, at 30.00 Chinese dollars, is half of the normal charge.

  • An international conference on gold was held in Beijing from September 10 to 12. Billed as the world's top conference and expo on gold and other precious metals, China Gold Congress 2014 brought "gold-diggers" from around the world to Beijing.

  • The Chinese festival Duanwu falls on June 2 (Monday) this year. The official holiday in China will be celebrated with a long weekend.

  • Three Gorges, Sanxia in Chinese, refers to a stretch of the Yangzi River that spans the eastern part of Chongqing and the western region of Hubei in central China.

  • Shanghai Shendi, the Chinese parnter of Walt Disney in the Shanghai Disney under construction, recently announed that the scale of the theme park has been further expanded. Now the target for the park is to accommodate 10 million visitors within the first year of the park's opening.

  • By the end of this year, there will be high-speed train service between Lanzhou and Urumqi. This is if everything goes according to plan.

  • Under the central government of China, the country is divided into 34 province-level administrative units, including 4 municipalities directly answerable to the central government, 23 provinces, 5 ethnic authomous regions, and 2 special districts.