China Travel News

  • China is a large country. Over time, a wide range of culinary traditions evolved in different parts of the country, each with its distinctive techniques and flavors.

  • Representatives of Mainland China and of Taiwan signed an agreement that allows direct flights across the Taiwan Strait. After the newly elected president of Taiwan, Mr.

  • The Yellow River, Huang He in Chinese, is the second longest river in the country. Culturally, however, it is the most significant river of China, as the Chinese civilization first developed in the region that the river flows through.

  • High-school graduates all over China have just taken their College Admissions Examination. This is a critical test that may very well determine the fate of these Chinese teenagers. Those who excel in the exam will go to top universities, with an easy life virtually guaranteed.

  • The major earthquake that struck China on May 12 took place in western Sichuan Province. The Chinese refer to the earthquake as Wenchuan Earthquake, named after the county hit the hardest in the disaster.

  • Duanwu literally means the fifth day of the fifth month, reckoned by the Chinese lunar calendar. The origin of this particular Chinese holiday is not clear. According to some sources, Duanwu was a day on which ancient Chinese staged ceremonies to expel evil spirits.

  • Yonghegong was originally constructed in 1694. At the time, it served as the residence of a Manchu prince, who later became an emperor of the Qing Dynasty. In 1744, the Qing court turned the palace into a temple for Tibetan Buddhism.

  • If you ask a Chinese how old he is, you may get two different answers. This is particular true with an old fashioned person or someone from a rural area. The man may tell you that by “xu sui” he is 56 but by “zhou sui” he is 55. The former is the traditional Chinese way to figure someone’s age and the latter is the modern way to do the same.

  • On June 1, Chinese scholar Justin Yifu Lin left China for Washington, D.C., to take up his post as the chief economist of the World Bank. Lin was the first Chinese to hold the prominent position.

  • Many “cities” in China seem to comprise vast rural regions. So, what makes a city in China?

  • According to a legal guide recently issued by the Organizing Committee of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, certain foreign citizens are not welcome to visit China during the time when the Beijing Olympic Games are under way. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing from August 8 to August 24.

  • Thirty years ago, virtually no Chinese individuals owned automobiles. There were some cars in China, but they all belonged to the state.

    Nowadays, Chinese with decent income are buying automobiles like crazy, even though automobiles are by no means cheap, even by the Western standard.