China Travel News

  • Yu Yuan (“Yu Garden”) is located in the northeastern corner of Old Shanghai. Much of Old Shanghai, a walled county-town, has disappeared in the past century. Today, Yu Garden is situated in the very heart of China’s largest metropolis.

  • China is a large country. It spans over five time zones as identified by the international time standard. As a matter of official policy, however, the whole of China uses just one time – Beijing Time.

  • If you observe closely, you may notice a few things that make July First somewhat different from some other days in China. There may be flags of the Chinese Communist Party flying on some official buildings. There may be a few editorials in newspapers that glorify the leadership of the CCP.

  • One difference between Chinese and Western etiquette is in the ways people see off their guests.

  • In early July, a new rail line linking Beijing Capital International Airport and central Beijing will come into service.

  • It is spotty, it is unreliable, but it is there. For the time being, it is free too.

    On June 25, Wicity announced that it started to offer wireless internet service in certain parts of Beijing.

  • Wang Kai and Wang Rui are two brothers living in Lanxi County, Heilongjiang, which is in the northeastern corner of China. Wang Kai is 57-years old; his brother, 55. For long, the two had a dream – they would take their parents, who hardly went anywhere in their life, on a tour of China.

  • Starting June 25, travelers from abroad will be able to tour Tibet again. The Chinese government closed the region to foreign sightseers after a series of political unrests and riots in March.

  • On June 21, Beijing opens three new freeways that service Beijing Capital International Airport.

  • On June 17, cabinet officials of the United States and China launched a top-level discussions on bilateral economic relationship. This is the fourth time such a meeting has been held. Initiated by the U.S.

  • When a major earthquake hit western Sichuan on May 12, Mr. Fan Meizhong, a teacher of Chinese literature at Guangya High School in Dujiangya, was in classroom with his students. Realizing what was happening, Fan took off and ran out, leaving his stunned students behind.

  • Starting June 15, some of the scenic areas in Sichuan affected by the Wenchuan Earthquake will reopen to the public. The earthquake, which took place on May 12, caused a large number of casualties and extensive damage in the western part of Sichuan Province.