China Ranked Third Most Favored Destination for Expatriates Worldwide

China is among the top three most favored destinations for employees who work away from their home countries. The finding is part of the newest Expat Explorer survey, which was commissioned by HSBC Expat and conducted by YouGov.

The survey asks expats around the world about their opinions on their destination countries.  In overall rating, Switzerland comes out as the most favored destination, followed by Singapore and China. In three particular fields considered, namely economics, ease to raise children, and expat experience, China is identified as no. 1, no. 12, and no. 26 respectively. 

In comparison, the United States and Britain are ranked 30th and 33rd in overall desirability, out of 34 countries on which expats' opinions are polled. Germany, Bahrain, and New Zealand hold the spots of nos. 4, 5, and 6.

The survey is the seventh of its kind commisioned by HSBC Expat. 0ver 9,000 workers around the world participated in the study this year.