Hi-speed Train Service between Lanzhou and Urumqi to Be Launched in October 2014

Travel to Urumqi, the captial city of China's outlying Xinjiang Autonomous Region, will soon become much easier. Hi-speed train service to the city will be launched later this month, which will cut by half the train travel time between Beijing and Urumqi, from 40 hours to 20 hours.

With a total distance of 1,776 km (1,104 mi), the fast train line between Urumqi and Lanzhou, the latter being the captial of the neighboring Gansu Province, is the newest addition to China's extensive network of hi-speed railway. Lanzhou is already connected by fast trains to other major destinations in China, so the launch of the Lanzhou-Urumqi hi-speed railway will integrate Xinjiang into the national hi-speed railway network.

The hi-speed train line parallels the existing railway on which slower trains have been operating. The new hi-speed train line extends through Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, and Gansu Province.