BBC Headline Photo Mistakes Anti-Demonstrators in Hong Kong as Demonstrators

The image below is a screenshot of BBC.Com's front page earlier today. As you can see, the lead photo on the page has the caption "Hong Kong Protetors Regroup - Demonstrators in Hong Kong appear to be withdrawing from some protest sites and regrouping at the main site outside government buildings".

What is in the photo, however, actually indicates that the people showned are Hong Kong residents who strongly oppose the current Occupy Central movement in the city.

How can you tell? Well, it's like seeing writing on the wall - the slogans on the banners shown in the photo go: "Slaves of foreign masters - cannon fodder", "You live in good fortune but you don't appreciate it", and "So sad, so pityful". These ideas well represent the views of many Hong Kong residents infuriated by the ongoing Occupy Central movement, which has brought traffic in the business districts of Hong Kong to a halt.

Another telltale - the Hong Kongers shown in the photo are adults. Had BBC paid some attention to the opposition to Occupy Central instead of simply agitating for the movement, the news outlet would know that there has been a wide devide between the adult residents of Hong Kong on one hand and the mostly college- and high-school students who participate in Occupy Central. Whereas advocates of Occupy Central claim that they target the government in Beijing, in reality their mvement have caused serious losses to small businesses in Hong Kong - shops, tour compaies, restaurants, as well as taxi drivers' work. Some of those whose livelihood has been adversely affected by the unrests in the city have spoken out in the past few days and have even clashed with participants of Occupy Central. Earlier today, over 1,000 taxis, minibuses and trucks formed a long column and moved slowing through streets of Hong Kong - this was transportation workers expressing their anger at the road-blocking protesters.

But Western media just cannot see what they do not like to see. So eager to play its activists role and hoping to bring about another Tian'anmen Square incident, Western media can hardly recognize, literally, the concerns of those average Hong Kong residents who have to make a living somehow. You wonder why some people, who do not even have the ability to read a simple sign in the East, feel so confident that they can tell other people how to live their lives.

BBC, get someone who can read a few Chinese characters before you pretend to be an authority on Chinese affairs.

BBC.Com front page photo mistakes anti-demonstrators as demonstrators