Three-Gorges Dam Now Entry-Fee Free, But Only for Native Tourists

Chinese officials in charge of Thee-Gorges Dam tours recently announced that the entry fee to visit world's largest dam has been lifted. This policy, however, only applies to Chinese citizens. Foreign tourists still have to pay Y105.00 to enter the sight-seeing zone.

Upon their entry of the sightseeing zone, visitors have to take chartered tour buses provided by the park authorities. Depending on the tour route one chooses (Line A and Line B), a visitor pays Y35.00 and Y18.00. A tour lasts 2 to 3.5 hours.

Visitors should make reservations in advance. They can do so online or at the site, with their identification cards. The maximum number of admissions per day is 40,000.

In the past year, over 1.8 million travelers toured the Three-Gorges Dam. The sight-seeing zone comprises several attractions, including a memorial park and a a couple of viewing platforms.