Subway Ticket Prices in Major Chinese Cities

For many people in China's major cities, subway remains the most dependable way to get around. To be sure, crowdedness can mae one very uncomfortable, especially for those who are not used to it, but if you manage to avoid the rush hours, riding subway trains in Chinese cities isn't all that bad, especially considering the low fairs. Below are the subway ticket prices in some of China's leading cities.

Beijing: Y2.00, with no limitations on distance and number of connections.

Shanghai: Y3.00 under 6 km; Y1.00 for each additional km, capped at Y10.00.

Guangzhou: Y2.00 undre 4 km; Y1.00 additional for every 4 km between 4 and 12 km; Y1.00 additional for every 6 km between 12 and 24 km; beyond 24 km, Y1.00 additional for every 8 km.

Hong Kong: HK$ 3.50 to HK$51.00 depending on distance.

It is reported recently that subway authorities in Beijing are consider to overhaul subway fares in the city. Officials have indicated that there wil be increases, but not by large margins. Authorities have also announced that they will create an "jam" index, so that subway train riders will know what they're getting into, literally.