China Will Go on Holiday May 1-3 to Celebrate Labor Day

May First, the International Labor Day, is one of the major holidays in China. This year, the Chinese will have a three-days holiday, from May 1st through May 3rd, that is, from Tuesday through Friday. With the Saturday that follows, this is a four-day celebration. Sunday May 4th will be a work-day.

Like all the holidays in China, this upcoming Labor-Day holiday will be a time of busy travel time for large numbers of Chinese. Transportation systems in China have expanded considerably in the past decades, but more people have also taken up the habit of going on vacations. Expect huge crowds everywhere you go if you have to travel during the holiday. If you have managed to schedule your trips off the holiday rush, good for you.

The next official holiday to come in China is Monday, June 2nd, which, this year, is the Chinese Duanwu, Dragon Boat Festival.