Hefei Xinqiao International Airport Opens

On May 30, Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province in East China, sees the opening of its new airport, Hefei Xinqiao International Airport. Services to the city’s old airport, Luogang Airport, are now routed to  the new terminal.

The new airport is located 32km (20 mi) northwest of the city center. The now deactivated Luogang Airport is 10 km (6 mi) southeast of the city.  

Hefei is 511 km (317 mi) inland from Shanghai. It is 162 km (100 mi) east of Nanjing. The construction of Hefei Xinqiao Airport started in 2006. As it stands now, the new airport has the capacity to serve 11 million passengers per year.

Currently Hefei has air links with over 40 domestic destinations. There are also flights from Hefei to a dozen cities outside mainland China, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Osaka, and Bangkok.