Old Town Fenghuang Consolidates Entry Fees into One Ticket

Old Town Fenghuang, a well-known tourist destination located in western Hunan Province, has set up an one-ticket entry system. Now a visitor who enters the core area of the scenic region needs to buy a ticket up front, which gives the visitor full access to attractions in the marked-out region. The consolidated ticket costs ¥148 ($23).

The new ticket cover the central part of Old Town Fenghuang as well as the nearby Nanhuashan scenic zone.

Before the establishment of the new system visitors of Fenghuang could tour the town for free, but they had to pay an entry fee if they want to visit any of the dozen or so particular attractions located in the neighborhood, such as the Yang Family Temple and the former residence of the famed Chinese writer Shen Congwen.

So far tourists' reactions seem to be mixed. The new policy, however, has aroused protests by owners and operators of local inns and shops located in the covered zones, who evidently suffer from reduced inflow of customers. The local government has indicated that the new policy will continue, arguing that it benefits the town overall.

Located in the remote, mountainous western part of Hunan, on the bank of the Tuo River, Fenghuang is known for its old architecture and traditional life-style. In recent years the town has become one of the most popular travel destinations in China, and there has been criticism of the over-commercialization of a place that once stood for calm and continuity in a rapidly changing world.