China Will Go on Qingming Holiday from April 4 to 6

Qingming is the holiday for the Chinese remember their ancestors and deceased loved ones. Literally meaning "clear and bright," referring to the weather in spring time, the term has been translated to "Tomb Sweeping Holiday" in the West. The Qingming Festival is calculated based on China's lunar calendar and this year it falls on April 4. This is an officially recognized national holiday in China and people all over China will go have an extended weekend to mark the occassion, from April 4 through April 6, namely Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; April 7, a Sunday, will be a workday. 

In addition to memorial activities, Qingming is also traditionally a time for field trips and picnics, as well as tree-planting.

The next national holiday after Qingming will be the International Labor Day, when the Chinese will have three days off, April 29 through May 1 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), with April 27 and April 28 (Saturday and Sunday) as workdays.