World’s Tallest Buddhist Statue Built in Jiujiang

Work on a statue of Amitabha Buddha located at the foot of Mt. Lu in Jiujiang is coming to completion. Measured 48 m (157 ft) in height, this is said to be the tallest statue of a Buddha in the world. Amitabha is the Buddha of Saving Grace in the Pure Land school of Buddhism.

The new statue stands on the premises of Donglin Si, a temple that was originally founded in the 4th century. According to Buddhist tradition, it was here that monk Huiyuan started the Pure Land teaching. The temple is approximately 50 km northwest of Lu Shan or Mt. Lu, which is one of the leading travel destinations in China.

The statue has been gilded, with a total of 48 kilograms (106 lb) of gold. Fund for the project comes from donators in and outside China. It is expected that the site will open to visitors by the end of the current year.