Hong Kong Limits Amount of Milk Powder Travelers Can Take Across Border

Starting on March 1, travelers leaving Hong Kong can take no more than two cans (1.8 kg) of milk powder with them. This is according to a new regulation issued by Hong Kong's Food and Health Bureau.

The new policy is aimed to deal with a shortage of milk powder in Hong Kong caused by the purchase made by visitors from Mainland China. Ever since a widely publicized case of contaminated milk powder shocked China in 2008, baby formulas made abroad have been in high demand on the mainland. As more mainland Chinese visited Hong Kong, milk powder has become a favored purchase to make. The shortage thus created caused many local residents to complain.

In a related move, Hong Kong authorities have reduced the weight of luggage allowed on trains linking Hong Kong to mainland China. Now a traveler can carry no more than 23 kg (50 lb). In the past it was 32 kg (70 lb).

Under the new regulation, those who smuggle milk powder out of Hong Kong may face HK$500,000 in fine and up to two years of imprisonment.