Suzhou Tops 2012 Tourists’ Satisfaction Survey

According to a report released by the China Tourism Academy, Suzhou has the highest satisfaction rating by tourists who have visited the city in 2012.

On average, 80% of all surveyed tourists nationwide reported that they were “satisfied” with their experience visiting China’s major travel destinations, with the highest rating for Suzhou - 85.96%. The other cities that made the Top Ten List are: Shanghai (85.84%), Huangshan (85.15%), Nanjing (84.68%), Chengdu (84.17%), Xiamen (84.15%), Ningbo (84.06%), Hangzhou (83.30%), Wuxi (83.14%), and Chongqing (83.02%). Beijing, China’s capital and one of the leading travel destinations, placed only eleventh, with 82.73% of the visitors reporting that they were satisfied with their experience.

This is the second year in a roll that Suzhou topped the tourists’ satisfaction survey by the China Tourism Academy. According to Suzhou tourism officials, during the period from January through November 2012, a total of 2.76 million foreigners and 78.18 million domestic tourists visited Suzhou.