Travelers Can Now Bring Their Cell Phones into North Korea

The North Korean government has lifted its ban on foreigner bringing cell phones into North Korea. The policy came into effect at the beginning of the current year.

According to a report by China’s Central Television, travelers can now bring along their mobile phones when visiting North Korea, including phones equipped with GPS. They do need to fill out a form at the border check point in order to do so. Previously foreign travelers were required to leave their cell phones with the North Korean customs, which they can pick up on their way out of the country.

Mobile phone users can also purchase SIM cards locally. Short-term SIM cards good for 14 days, one month and two months cost €50, €75 and € 100 respectively. There is still no international roaming for foreign cell phones, so to make international calls with a mobile phone, one has to use the local SIM Cards.

North Korea uses WCDMA standard for its 3G mobile communication.