New Express Bus Service between Guangzhou and Hong Kong

A new express bus service has become available for travelers who want to make quick trips between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Long distance coach will go from bus station to bus station. Until now, buses that connect Guangzhou and Hong Kong make stops at various hotels in the two cities.

Departing station in Guangzhou for the new service is Dashatou Cruising Ship Dock (Dashatou Youchuan Matou), located on the mid-section of the Pearl River in Guangzhou. The terminal in Hong Kong is Austin Station, a station on West Rail Line located in West Kowloon. There are also services from Dashatou to Macau.

Bus fare on the service line is ¥85 for a one-way trip to Hong Kong. For a return trip the fare is ¥150. A one-way ride to Macao costs ¥75. Currently there are three daily runs to Hong Kong, which will be increased to eight. Six buses depart for Macao daily.

According to the Motor Transport Company of Guangdong and Hong Kong, which operates the new bus service, the bus ride from Dashatou to Austin Station takes about 3 hours, about 1 hour shorter than old bus services.

Currently, about 200 buses run between Guangzhou and Hong Hong on daily basis.