Tickets Go on Sale for Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Trains

High-speed train services between Beijing and Guangzhou will start on December 26, and sales of tickets have been underway since the 20th. There will be both D and G trains running on the newly completed high-speed rail; the former operate at the average speed of 250 km/h whereas the latter run along at 300 km/h. For a ride from Beijing to Guangzhou on a D train, one pays ¥712. That is a Second Class ticket. To go in a first class car, the cost is ¥1,137.
Tickets for G trains cost even more – a Second Class ticket for the trip from Beijing to Guangzhou goes for ¥865 and a First Class costs ¥1,383.

For those who are willing to pay, there are also Special Class and Business. At these levels, a ride from Beijing to Guangzhou on a G train will cost ¥1,765 and ¥2,927 respectively.

The high fares do bring travelers considerable benefits: a G train covers the 2,300 km between Beijing and Guangzhou in just 8 hours, which is a significant reduction from the current 20 hours.

Eight hours is still a long time when compared flying, so the new fast train service between Beijing and Guangzhou is not expected to take a large number of passengers away from airlines. This, however, is not the case with operators of flights between Beijing and Wuhan and between Wuhan and Guangzhou. To those shorter flights, soon to-be-launched fast train service will prove to be stiff competition, and there have been reports on airlines cutting fares on these routes.