2013 Public-Holiday Calendar Issued by China’s State Council

The Chinese will have seven public holidays in the year 2013. The holidays add up to be a total 29 days, but because some of the days are actually weekends, so the workers will actually have just 11 days off. China’s State Council created the holiday calendar as a guide for the whole country, which was recently released.

Details of the plan are as follows:

1. New Year. Jan. 1-3 are holidays. Jan 5-6 (Sat.-Sun.) are work days.

2. Spring Festival. Feb. 9-15 are holidays. Feb. 16-17 (Sat.-Sun.) are work days.

3. Qingming (Tomb-Sweeping Day). April 4-6 are holidays. April 7 (Sun.) is work day.

4. Labor Day. April 29-May 1 are holidays. April 27-28 (Sat.-Sun.) are work days.

5. Duanwu (Dragon-Boat Festival). Jun. 10-12 are holidays. Jun. 8-9 (Sat.-Sun) are work days.

6. Zhongqiu (Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Festival). Sept. 19-21 are holidays. Sept. 22 (Sun.) is work day.

7. National Day. Oct. 1-7 are holidays. Sept. 29 (Sun.) and Oct. 12 (Sat.) are work days.