Fast Train Service between Harbin and Dalian to Begin on December 1

Fast train service between Dalian and Harbin, two major cities in China’s northwestern region, is set to begin on December 1. A major addition to China’s fast rail network, the new train line measures 921 km in length, which connects Harbin West Railway Station and Dalian North Railway Station, with 21 stops in between.

The designed normal operating speed for the new trains is approximately 300 km per hour, which means that a traveler can cover the close to 1,000 kilometers between Harbin and Dalian in less than less than 4 hours. However, given that the new rail line is located northwest China where snowfalls in winter are frequent, for safety reasons, the Harbin-Dalian fast trains will run at speeds no more than 200 km per hour during the months between December 1 and March 31.

Still, the new fast trains will pose stiff competition to air services in the region. Already airlines are responding by lowering airfares, and it is reported flights between Dalian and Shenyang as well as those between Dalian and Changchun have been removed from schedules.

Advance sale of tickets for the new train service has begun. A ticket for a first class seat goes for ¥456 and a second class ticket ¥285.