Hangzhou Subway Starts Trial Run on November 24

Hangzhou, one of China’s prime tourist destinations, will see the launch of train service on its first subway line on November 24.

Subway Line 1 measures 48 km in length and extends from the region south of Hangzhou through the city and beyond to the region in the north.  Additionally, there is a branch line that leads off to Xiasha, which is a newly developed area east of Hangzhou. Shaped like a “Y”, Line 1 thus provides two-route services, one between the southernmost station Xianghu and the northernmost station Linping, and the other between Xianghu to Xiasha in the east. The southern end of the line is located in Xiaoshan City whereas the northern section reaches into Yuhang City.

The middle section of Line 1 cuts through downtown Hangzhou and skirts the eastern bank of West Lake, providing easy access to Hangzhou’s main scenic attraction. A couple of stations farther south is a stop at Hangzhou Railway Station, also known as Hangzhou Railway City Station, which is the main long distance rail station for Hangzhou. The northern section of Line 1 has a stop at Yuhang High-Speed Train Station.

During the test-run period, subway trains will run from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm. The operating hours are expected to expand after the trial period, which may go on for 3 or 4 months. Trains will run on 10 minute intervals. Fare is ¥2 for the first 4 km, ¥1 additional for every 4 km under 12km, ¥1 additional for every 6 km under 24 km, and ¥1 additional for every 8 km above 24 km, with ¥8 as maximum.

As designed, the Hangzhou subway system will have a total of 10 lines, measuring 375 km altogether.