China Travel News

  • Starting January 30, 2016, travelers from 51 countries can visit the Yangzi delta region of China with no visa.

  • Zhao Hongbo and Shen Xue are partners in pair skating who won multiple world champships
    and Olympic medals. In life they're also a couple, husband and wife. The
    professional and the subsequent personal relationships came about by chance, by
    way of a historic turn of events.

  • Some U.S. athletes competing in the ongoing Rio Olympic Games have
    been using a kind of physical therapy known as "cupping", evidently
    believing the practice help them relax their muscles and ease body pains. Among

  • Currently, with a ticket that costs a measly two Chinese yuan (US$0.33), one can ride subway to go any subway station in Beijing, regardless how far away it is and how many connections there are on the way.

  • In a joint effort to further promote economic and cultural exchanges, China and the United States have reached a reciprocal agreement to lengthen the validity periods of visas for tourists, businessmen, and students.

  • November 11th has become a peculiar holiday in China - it is now known as Guanggun Jie - “Bachelor's Day", "Singles' Day", "Sticks' Day". Whatever you call it, this is the day when unmarried young men and women in the country celebrate, or lament, the fact that they're still not tied the knot with a significant other or simply do not have a signficant other.

  • Products for infants, children, and pregrant women, including clothes, footwears, furniture, carriages, toys, educational devices, food and dietary supplements. Fair first staged in 2003. The exhibtion in 2014 drew over 1100 business exhibitors and 63,000 visitors.

  • Started in 1992 and organized by China Household Electrical Appliances Association, the Appliance World Expo has become one of the largest exhibition of its kind in China.

  • Significantly more Chinese express satisfaction with life now than 5 and 12 years ago - this is according to a survey recently conducted by Pew Research Center, which is based in the United States.

  • Formed by the snow and water that runs off the slope of Mount Kawa Karpo, Mingyong Glacier has the lowest elevation of any glacier in China. Extending from the height of 5,500 m to that of 2,800, the glacier is located 40 km west of Deqin Countytwon.

  • Located 5 km north of the countytown Shangri La, the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province. The Chinese call it Songzanlin Si or Guihua Si.

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