Feilai Temple

Feilaisi is a Tibetan Buddhist temple located 10 km southwest of the county town Deqin. The temple was built in the early 17th century. Its name, "Feilai", means "that has flown over here" or "that has come from the sky". Supposely this refers to the divine revelation that a temple should be built at the site. Others say this refers to the appearance of the temple on mountainside - it seems to be poised to leap off.

Feilai Temple does not have a whole lot to show in itself. Today, for most people who travel there, the temple serves as an ideal place to view the majestic Meili Snow Mountain, which is situated on the far side of the Mekong River that flows through a valley nearby. The temple is located by the highway between Zhongdian (Shangri La) and Deqin. Buses run between Zhongdian and Deqin, but oen may have to hire a car to go out to Feilai Temple itself. With a car, it's a short trip of 20 minutes or so from Deqin town.

The Mingyong Glacier is some distance farther west. One can hire horses to get there, or, if one is strong enough, hike over. It's a journey of three to four hours.

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