Meili Snow Mountains

Meili Snow Mountains (Mainri Mountains) lie approximately 20 km west of Deqin in Yunnan Province. The mountain range exntends in the norn-south direction and form the natural border between Tibet and Yunnan. A dozen peaks in the mountain range reach the height of 6,000 me (19,685 ft), and the tallest of them, Kawagebo (Karwa Garpo), stands at 6,740 m (22,113 ft) in elevation. Kawa Garbo is a sacred mountain in the Buddhist tradition and each year thousands of Tibetan Buddhists come here to visit. Some of the visitors go on a journey around the montain, which is about 240 km (150 mi) in distance and takes about a dozen days to complete. The second hightest peak of the moutnain range, Mianzimu takes the shape of a pyramid and makes a great sight to behold. For travelers, a good place to view the mountains from afar is a viewing platform near Feilai Temple, about 10 km southwest of Deqin.

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