Train Accident outside Wenzhou Causes Dozens of Casualties

A train accident outside Wenzhou led to over 30 deaths and dozens of injuries late Saturday night. At 20:27 on July 23, a passenger train smashed into another train from behind, derailing several train cars. Four cars swerved off elevated rail, resulting in the casualties. 

The train that suffered the most damage was D301, en route from Beijing to Fuzhou. A lightning struck train, causing it to lose power and stop unexpectedly. Train D3115 (Hangzhou-Fuzhou) came up and could not stop in time to pileup. 

Train accidents in China are rare. With trains running at higher speeds nowadays, however, there have been concerns that it has become harder to avoid mishaps and that casualties may be heavy if accidents do take place.

In spite of the rapid of expansion of air travel in recent years, rail remains a major favored means of passenger transportation in China, where trains move close to 2 billion passengers every year.