West Lake of Hangzhou Added to UN World Heritage List

At a meeting held on June 24, the World Heritage Committee of the
UNESCO added West Lake Cultural Landscape to the World Heritage List. 

Located outside Hangzhou, the West
Lake and the surrounding hills, combines natural beauty and history to make it
one of the best-known scenic site in China. Traditionally the Chinese
speak of ten impressive views to behold, such as “Sunrise
over the Su Dike in Spring," "Melting Know on the Broken Bridge,"
"Evening Bell in the Nanping Hills," and "Leifeng Pagoda at
Sunset." These views are imbued with tradition and folklore. The Su
Dike referred to, for example, was built under the supervision of Su Dongpo, one
of China’s leading poets,
who, in the 11the century, served as the governor of Hangzhou. In the 12th century Hangzhou was the capital
of the Southern Song Dynasty.

In its totality, the West Lake Scenic Area measures 50 sq. km. Situated
on the western edge (hence the lake’s name) of Hangzhou, it can be easily accessed. One nice
way to take in the beauty of the area is biking around the lake.