Hangzhou to Hold Flower Festival in April and May

Back in the 12th and 13th century, when Hangzhou was the capital China, residents of the city would celebrate the blooming of flowers in the middle of the second lunar month. Throngs of people would go out into the fields, loitering about on banks of the numerous lakes, rivers and canals that surrounded that city to enjoy the colorful views offered by nature. The tradition continued for centuries until the beginning of modern times, when China suffered from civil wars and foreign invasions. 

This year, Hangzhou decides to hold a month-long flower festival to revive a tradition that once gave much joy to the residents and visitors of the city. Blossom-themed festivities will start on April 9 and continue to May 18, with Xixi Wetland Park serving as the main fair site. There will be parades, performances, flower appreciation, and, of particular interest to the young, matchmaking events - after all, it it spring, flowers are blooming, so it is the best time to fall in love.