More Tourists Visited Hong Kong Ocean Park and Disneyland

The two major theme parks in Hong Kong, Ocean Park Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland, were welcomed increased numbers of visitors last year. The Disney theme park, which was opened five years ago, received 5.23 million tourists last year, which marks a 13% increase over the year before. The Ocean Park, an older establishment with its origins back in the 1970s, admitted 5.1 million visitors last year, which makes a 6% increase over the preceding year and is also the highest number for the park in 34 years.

Both of the two parks saw large crowds of visitors in the Chinese New Year holiday that ended a week ago. The Ocean Park had to stop selling tickets temporarily three times to control the inflow of tourists whereas Disneyland admitted 30,000 fun-seekers daily on average. 

Of those who visited the Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong last year, 25% came from foreign countries, with the rest coming locally or from Mainland China.