Free Bicycles for You in Wuhan

Wuhan, the largest city in central China, has implemented a policy that provides residents and visitors free bicycles as to help them get around. After a year and half in trials, the measure seems to be a success. The municipal government recently added 20,000 more bicycles to the program, bringing the total number of free vehicles available to the public up to 70,000. Now it is said that in the city one should be able to find a bicycle pick-up spot within a radius of 800 meters.

With a population over 9 million, Wuhan is one of the largest metropolises in China. Like many other Chinese cities, Wuhan has experienced a dramatic increase in motorized vehicles, generating frequent traffic jams as well as air pollution. The free bicycle program is part of the city's effort to build a green city that clean air and easy and human transportation.

To get a bicycle, one shows personal identification, get on the road, and return the bike to a distribution spot near his destination.